Hello, I'm Kim Smadis.

Glad you are here.  My name is Kim Smadis, mama to 4 amazing men, and married for almost 25 years to the love of my life! If you’re here, you’re likely looking for solutions. Aren’t we all? The real question is what KIND of solutions and how can I help?! Since 2010 I have been travelling the world learning about alternative health to heal our body. Wether from India, China, or Bali; each one of the countries contributed to my fight against cancer since 2010. In addition to my travels, I took every course and certificate program possible on how to heal my body and prevent disease.
Together, with my family, we have built a life reducing as many toxins as possible. We didn't have a choice. We needed to do this so I could live! It became my passion to share as much information and education to help others deal with chronic pain, or to give them hope that they can beat the odds of their diagnosis or to purely help a family reduce the toxins in their home. We know toxins kill! Reducing your toxin load is something everyone needs to do, and I am happy to help anyway I can.

Wether you are here for one of my own courses, or from our Pure Wellness team, I am glad you are here!

A little more about my journey......


From the time Darren and I met, we always pushed each other to do better and be better. We knew we wanted to live a big life and had lots of big ideas and big dreams. Just like any marriage, we’ve struggled, but failure wasn’t an option. It allowed us to raise four amazing boys with strong family values!

We open our home to share not just the good, but the struggles as well. When our life was turned upside down in 2011, we were pushed even harder to keep faith and to hang on to hope for the future of our family. We made changes that strengthened the family, but we knew in our hearts there was a better way to live besides trying to keep up with the “Jones’s”. We knew more than ever, that if we wanted to live our dreams, we needed to take risks.

We decided to jump off the cliff together and open a Wellness Business, move from our dream home, and simplified our life. We removed the noise, excess stuff, and just focused on the essentials for our family. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we believed in our family, our business, and the opportunity that doTERRA gave us. Within 4 years we climbed to the top 2% of the company, created the life we once dreamed of, and most importantly, the freedom to be with our boys. We are now passionate to help others do the same! That once crazy idea to focus on just the essentials became a movement and passion that created these amazing programs and communities that we now call our extended family! We decided last year, to help even more by documenting the principles, values, and the systems we used to create an abundance in our life, as well as to remove anything that didn’t serve who we were as a family! This is how The Nine was born. All the changes we made were focused on nine foundational key areas of life. As you navigate around our website, you will see the reference to The Nine – Essential Life Foundations. This system of Essential Life Foundations contains everything you need to work on key foundational pieces to help you build the life you desire. With a little reflection, tools, templates, evaluation, and goals we use a system to move you forward in all nine areas. It is all laid out for you! You just do the work and follow the system. If you’re here with us, we want to help you and there is a reason why you are reading this! Don’t listen to the negative messages you may have. Listen to your heart – the calling that you are meant for more. We’re passionate about helping people be better and do better. We’ll do anything we can to help you live your Essential life!

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