What does "grief" mean?

Grief means intense sorrow. You feel grief if something terribly sad happens, like if your dog dies or if your childhood sweetheart breaks up with you. The word grief comes from the Latin word gravare, which means to make heavy. Gravare itself comes from the Latin word gravis, which means weighty. So think of grief as a heavy, oppressive sadness. We associate it most often with mourning a loved one's death, but it can follow any kind of loss.

When I started working on myself, I realized there is still so much pain that I never properly grieved.......


Life is not meant to be hard, but when you continuously push your emotions down, life becomes heavy and more difficult.

I don't think I grieved the person I was before cancer, the disabilities it left me with (I still haven't accepted that one), the loss of my parents, loss of a career I once loved, the siblings that I thought loved me, sexual abuse and the list can go on and on!

The Grief Relief Journal

This Journal is intended to provide you with a safe and private space to express your thoughts and feelings about your loss. You will find prompts and exercises that can help you process your emotions, reflect on your memories and gain some perspective on your situation. This journal will help you find some comfort and healing and help you navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that come with grief.


The Grief Relief Affirmation Cards

Self-affirmations have been shown to have powerful effects – research suggests that it can minimize the anxiety, stress, and defensiveness associated with threats to our sense of self while keeping us open to the idea that there is room for improvement, there is room to move through grief allowing healing to occur.


When you purchase the Journal or the Affirmation Cards below, you are helping us get Darren closer to receive the support he needs.

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