When I heard those dreaded words "I AM SORRY.  YOU HAVE CANCER.  IT HAS SPREAD AND IS VERY AGGRESSIVE".  When the doctor continued to tell my husband and I that we need to get our affairs in order, the walls closed in on me, and all I could think about was my four boys.  How are they going to grow up without a mom?  This was not the worst part, the worst was when I was told that my cancer was not genetic, it was environmental!  I was destroyed inside!  Environmental being the code word for TOXINS!  The choices I made in my life, lead me to hearing "I have cancer".


I realized that my poor choices of:

  • food
  • cleaners
  • face and body products
  • stress
  • abusing my body

and so much more were the cause of my cancer, that destroyed me!


In 2011 when I was diagnosed, over 70% of cancers were environmental.  Fast forward to 2022, almost 90% of cancers are environmental!  90%.  I knew my survival was connected to Toxin Free Living!  This is why I travelled to places where environmental cancers were low and studied the culture, took course, did programs from Bali, China, India as I wanted to live!  I needed to live for my boys!

I want to help others live!  I want to give people hope!  I am making no promises, but if I can help anyone, just a tiny bit, the work is worth it!  Toxins are creating immune diseases that are taking peoples lives!  We need to do what we can for prevention!  Everything I learned about Toxin Free Living is in this E-Book and I am so excited to share it!

Packed with step-by-step training, time-saving templates and helpful resources, this E-Book teach you:

  • the toxins in your environment within your home.
  • toxins cleaning products that are the worst and need to go!
  • foods to avoid.
  • DIY's and Recipes
  • how to manage stress and various tools.
  • how to handle emotional toxins and toxic relationships.

Get over 200 pages of education and resources, templates, trackers and so much more for only $19.99.

YES! I want to learn how to live toxin free!

Want to Prevent illness?

Toxins are starting to become the #1 contributor to many deadly diseases.  Almost 70% of deaths worldwide are caused from toxins. 

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market in the United States, used in everything from perfumes and household cleaners to fertilizers and industrial solvents.  Canada is not far behind.

These chemicals are created to make our lives better, and many of them do. Yet most of them go directly into use without testing their impact on our health, or the long-term consequences for the environment.

Join a community of people who are committed  to living a healthy lifestyle!

Learn how to prevent illness

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